Teams Methodology

Candidates enter their personal particulars themselves into the system by using the "Kiosk" or online application module, thereby saving much of the staff's time. Candidates can also take an optional online entrance test (e-test) to check their competence level in certain subjects. The Institute's Student Affairs Officer, using the "Staff" Module, shall retrieve candidates' information from the "Kiosk" module for registration purposes. Based on the courses requested by the candidates and the acceptance of the school management, courses, classes, course subjects and fee schemes are then assigned to the candidates. By using the Events and Scheduling module, the teacher would then allocate the timetable (which includes the classroom, period, date and time, teacher-in-charge, combination of classes attending the same subject and the subject itself) to the student. The Institute collects the down payment based on the fee scheme assigned by using the "payment" module. Receipts, Student Cards and Time-tables are printed out online. Using the "Attendance" module, the teacher can mark the attendance with the click of the mouse. Alternatively, this can also be automated by using the contact-less cards and integrated reader installed at every classrooms.