Teams Unique Features

GEMS has modules for Teachers to mark attendance, create course and examination structures and upload results/marks; for students where they can view the course timetable, event schedule, attendance, payment dues, examination results; for parents can view their children's details like school attendance, marks obtained and payments outstanding.

Using the SMS and e-mail module, GEMS can be configured to send SMS and e-mail messages to Students and Parents concerning changes in schedules, timetables, reminder of payments outstanding, event broadcasting, etc. Using the GEMS unique On-line reporting tool, Schools, Institutes and Universities can generate instant real-time reports via the web.

Following are the main Features Modules of GEMS :

Kiosk Registration Module

Using the Kiosk Registration Module, students can register themselves by entering their personal particulars, past educational details, past academic results, etc. into the system using the unique user ID and password (self created by the students). The same user ID and password shall also be used to edit the students' personal particulars. The system will automatically calculate the "Credit Points" achieved by the students based on their previous academic results, which is used for ascertaining any financial assistance, for example, scholarships, to be awarded if applicable. The Students' Affairs department staff can browse the students' personal particulars when interviewing them, and can approve them for the courses they choose,this information shall be updated into the system's main database.

Student Registration Module

The Students' Affairs department staff can update and confirm students' personal details, educational details, past academic results, etc. which were entered earlier by the students themselves using the Kiosk module. The Students' photographs can be uploaded into the system by using this module. The authorized staff can also designate students as having the status of "Active", "Inactive", "Terminated" or "Reinstated". Once registered, Student Cards can be printed out. These shall contain the Students' Photographs, Bar Code IDs and Roll Numbers and are stored in magnetic cards.

Course Management Module

This module is used to set up the Master files for courses, classes, subjects and course subjects. Based on the Institute's requirements, the authorized staff can set the various courses, classes with respect to courses and subjects with respect to the courses. These are linked to the time-table module.

Time-table Module

The authorized staff of the Institute administer this module. At the start of the academic year, staff can schedule the time-table based on classrooms, teachers, courses and subjects. Once this is updated into the database, the system, by using its "Business Intelligent program", can check the availability of facilities, teachers' schedules and students' availability. This module will automatically inform the teachers and students regarding the schedule of subjects and the classrooms. In the event of any changes to the Time-table, the system will also check for overlapping of classrooms and teachers.

Fee Scheme Management Module

The Fee scheme Module is used to structure the fee schemes for the different courses and classes. The fee structure can be defined based on the down payment, number of installment payments, installment payment amount and the due dates of the installment payments. This due date definition is used to send automatic SMS or e-mail reminders regarding outstanding payments due.

Payment Management module

The payment module consists of features which enable the staff to accept student payments, give discounts, waive payments and refund payments. All the payment transactions are captured in this module which will be used for reconciling purposes. It also has other features like due date reminders through e-mails to the students, printing of receipts and payment vouchers. The payment module is also integrated with the library module for the payment of fines and other miscellaneous charges.

Human Resource module

This module is used to administer the Institute's staff. It captures the staff / teachers' personal details, salary norms, medical benefits, CPF, claims, incentives, etc. The system will automatically calculate the staff's salaries based on the salary norms, claims, medical, CPF, etc. at the end of each month. The Staff's attendances can be captured by CARD access. All the payment details can be linked and updated into the Institute's Accounting system.

Library Management

The Library Management module contains various sub-modules for maintaining the database of the library books based on Book titles, Authors and Publisher details like name, year, version and the abstract of the book. It also calculates asset information of the books in the library, book loan status, book return date and book lost details. It also has the advance search function where the librarian or student can search for the availability of books based on Book ID (ISBN), Title, Author, Publisher, text of the abstract as well as keyword search of the above. Library payments like fines, lost book payments, etc. are updated into the student dues of the payment management module.

Attendance module

The teachers can update attendance information into the system by selecting those students who are absent for the class. Management can browse the attendance details of any student at any time. If the students produce leave certificates like medical certificate, the attendance can be updated by the authorized staff accordingly.

Examination module

Teachers and authorized staff can define the examination structures for the year by using this module. The teachers can also define their own examination structures for a particular class for a particular period. Maximum score for a particular test can be set. The system will automatically calculate the maximum score out of a group of tests upon the teacher entering the score obtained by the individual student. The system will print out the report cards after consolidating the scores from different teachers. Based on the parameter settings, the system will calculate the Grade and the credit points for the particular subject.The system can also print out the student leaving certificate.